Focus Your GTM On Ideal Customer Profiles That Renew, Expand, and Drive Inbound.

Achieve faster & more profitable growth using AI-assisted Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs).

  • Automated Ideal Customer Profile Analysis
  • Intelligent Enrichment
  • Segment Fit Recommendations

Align does what you couldn't before: Derive ideal customer profiles and buying behaviors with unprecedented accuracy. Prioritize customers based on lifetime value, create a shared focus across the go-to-market team, and simplify annual planning by modeling revenue scenarios with a new degree of certainty.

Align Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Finance on Metrics and Profitability.


  • Automate ICP creation and recommendations
  • Improved lead quality
  • Quantify marketing ROI and reporting

Why Align?

Traditional SaaS go-to-market strategies are optimized for new logo acquisition which won't guarantee customer growth and high customer retention rates. Instead, Align optimizes Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) which maximize marketing efficiency, customer lifetime value, and overall profitability.

Align on your most profitable long-term customer profiles (ICPs)

Understand your best-performing customer segments and identify hidden pockets of strength within the customer base.

Aligned agreement on marketing ROI and spend

Pinpoint your most productive marketing motions and channels that generate best CLV; identify and eliminate wasted marketing spend.

Aligned annual forecasting with pinpoint accuracy

Understand how specific customer cohorts contribute to future growth rates based on historical trends.

How Align Works

Align generates data driven ICPs to guide customer targeting and demand-generation motions. Generate higher win rates, improve customer LTV, benefit from predictable long term revenue forecasting, and the ability to accurately track marketing ROI.

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