Unlock ABM Platform Success with Data-Driven ICPs

Identify, Prioritize, and Activate Your Best Target Accounts

Do you really know your ideal customer profiles (ICPs)?

Companies usually conduct ICP analysis annually before their SKOs, using a mix of qualitative "best guesses" and limited data analysis. This results in squishy insights that the rest of the organization doesn't trust, limiting the efficiency and value your ABM platforms can drive.


  • Squishy qualitative (guessed) ICPs
  • Episodic and static ICP insights that live in an SKO deck
  • ABM tool lists span dozens or more segments making content mapping impossible
  • Only 7% of salespeople said the leads they received from marketing were very high quality.(Hubspot)


  • Supercharge your ABM platform with data-driven ICPs based on business outcomes
  • Dynamic ICP discovery with real-time cohort analytics
  • Improved targeting and activation of focused, high-value segments
  • Build trust with your sales partners by aligning on shared target account lists

Organizations with strong ICPs achieve 68% higher account win rates.

Unlock your best customer segments with AI

Automate the research and analysis of your customer data discover the high-value segments to use in your target account go-to-market campaigns.

Centralize your go-to-market target account selection

Boost ABM engagement and conversions while spending less. Build trust with sales by aligning on the target accounts to focus your resources.

Get the performance insights ABM vendors don't provide

Quickly demonstrate the lift of campaign performance. Measure and optimize your ABM campaign performance

AI Segmentation Engine

With a multidimensional analysis that leverages ML models, we unlock customer insights and surface data-driven ICPs and their shared attributes.

Target account selection & CRM enrichment

Improve target account selection accuracy with AlignICP's Fit Score and look-alike models to identify top-performing segments. Reduce CRM data noise, align sales, and power ABM campaigns with accounts that match your best-performing ICP segments.

Enhanced | Powerful | Deep ABM Lift Reporting

Continuously measure ABM campaign performance against historical benchmarks. Real-time comparative bow tie funnel analytics to analyze conversion rate of segments and attributes by funnel stage and forecast lifetime value.

“Align was instrumental in helping us zero in on our best-fit customers, which we are using to hone our demand campaigns, as well as identify adjacent markets for growth.”

- Bill Schneider, VP of Product Marketing at SheerID

“Align quantified the ICP trends that we were feeling within the business which gave us more confidence in our overall strategy.”

-Jacob Winkler, CMO at Brandlive