How effective is our marketing spend?

Align for Finance Leaders

Are you frustrated with your organization's ability to generate efficient growth?

Align quantifies business efficiency metrics like logo retention rates and CLV at the segment level. Why? So that finance teams can partner with marketing to target better prospects that create higher quality and more predictable recurring revenue.

  • Proactively identify and target prospects that will pay back customer acquisition cost.

  • Apply insights to improve pipeline quality and overall stability of the revenue base.

Build Data-Based, Annual Forecasting Models

Frustrated that top-down and bottom-ups forecasting approaches never seem to meet? Pressure from investors to grow the business? Inaccurate information to do capacity planning?

Align helps

  • Automate cohort analysis to better forecast annual revenue retention and expansion rates

  • Simplify annual forecasting and capacity planning process

Build stronger alignment two Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success.

By having an agreed up definition of good fit customers, GTM teams have a closed loop process to drive continuous improvement.  Align creates a new data layer so that revenue teams can focus on acquiring high quality prospects that turn into long term customers.