Ideal Customer Profile Analysis & Go-To-Market Alignment

Align for Marketing Leaders

Stop guessing....start growing!

Is your team reading through Gong or Chorus call logs to create your ICPs? Are they guessing at their ICPs?

Align generates data driven ICPs that maximize growth.  Once best fit segmentation attributes are recommended, your go-to-market team can build ICPs to create a unified understanding and focus on those best fit customers.

Operationalize ideal customer profiles to create a closed-loop process for continuous growth

Today it is exceptionally difficult to operationalize your ICPs. Why? Because the analysis typically lives in a slide deck that gets reviewed once per year.

Align tags accounts with ICP identifiers so the GTM has a shared understanding of best fit customers. Our data reveals ICP customers often have a 3X greater CLV. Customers use these insights to place more investment on high value prospects.

Unlocking total addressable market (TAM)

Most scale up SaaS companies have hidden pockets of growth within the customer base. These are customers who were not actively targeted but just organically showed up over time. Our models help identify these pockets of strength so that revenue teams can begin targeting accounts that already have a history of strong retention and high lifetime value.

Clearly demonstrate Marketing ROI

Is it difficult to quantify how marketing is contributing to growth? Are you constantly pulling from multiple campaign spreadsheets to show returns and attribution? 

Align provides reporting focused on Marketing Sourced as well as Marketing Contributed attribution models.

  • Marketing Sourced: First Touch With LTV|CAC Ratios by Paid Channel

  • Marketing Contributed: Quantify marketing influence on win rates, average deal size, and sales cycle velocity

Build a strong relationship with Sales, Customer Success and Finance.

Starting with an agreed-upon customer profile, you can plot consistent selling, demand generation, and create a more predictable growth engine.