Close Accounts That Renew, Expand, & Drive Inbound Demand

Align for Sales/CS Leaders

Prioritize Prospects With High Average Deal Sizes and Win Rates

Ever notice that some deals are exceptionally easy to close, while others are three times more difficult?

The reason is that not all customers are good fit customers. Understand which prospects to prioritize based on historic win rates, average deal size, and sales cycle duration. Double down in winning more deals with customers who contribute to future growth.

Expansion & Net Revenue Retention

ICP customers consistently renew and expand at a much higher rate. We have see situations where ICP customers have a 425% higher propensity to expand within their first 12 months. Close deals with customers that will continue to help you retire quota.

Good Fit vs Poor Fit Customers

We all know that every SaaS company has poor fit customers. We routinely see less than 30% of the install base representative of ICP customers. Imagine the opportunity to dramatically decrease the number of escalations, support tickets, and employee burnout by being more intentional about the customers we acquire and retain.